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The Launch Program

The Launch Program is a series of four evenings where you can explore the FooDi concept. A surprise grocery box with the exclusive start-up product will be directly delivered to your doorstep! Each evening will be hosted with a different partner start-up. You will have the possibility to try the product, cooking (virtually) together with other attendees. A perfect opportunity to try new recipes and get to know new people. Completely Corona safe too!


18:00 - Begin of the evening

18:30 - Expert/Start-up talk

19:15 - Start to cook

20:15 - Wrap-up and enjoy your creation!

The ticket includes:

- access to the event

- grocery box with all the ingredients you need

- exclusive box with start-up products (Fyn Hummus, Desta's Coffee, Umami Proteinmix)


Our program

17 March - South-East Cuisine 

14 April - African Cuisine 

FYN Hummus (with Anik Thaler, Fyn Co-Founder)

Fyn foods brings the nature back on your plate. Fyn offers alternatives to widely-traveled products, promoting the Swiss agricultural variety with new chickpea cultures, drastically reducing the transportation impacts and fostering the connection with local farmers. Fyn provides you the first locally grown and 100% organic Swiss Hummus.

Desta's Coffee (with Mattias Winiger & Desta Kebede)

Desta’s Coffee imports coffee directly from its origin: the region of Kafa, in Ethiopia. To ensure farmers' fair incomes, we pay them directly and no middle man are involved. Part of the profits are reinvested in local social projects (bread for students) to make sure that up to 30% of the value chain stays in the country. 

In Switzerland we roast and distribute the coffee to restaurants, hotels and offices.

29 April - Asian Cuisine 

20 May - Mediterranean Cuisine 

Alternative Proteins (with Cyrill Hess & Rahel Scheidegger)

As an entrepreneur and scientist, Cyrill Hess is a pioneer in the field of Wolffia (water plants) for human nutrition. He holds a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences (ETH) and was awarded an ETH pioneer fellowship for his project LemnaPro in 2019. Rahel Scheidegger works in the City of Zurich, promoting more balanced diets. She is also a nutrition coach, helping people to improve themselves through sustainable food.

Umami (with Luca Grandjean)

How to make the food system more circular and close the nutrient cycle in cities? Umami uses an innovative approach to grow plants in the most efficient way, using the power of ecosystems.

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