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The Virtual Program

A virtual program in collaboration with food start-ups

To launch our idea, we organized a series of four online events, together with food start-ups that have sustainability as core value. After an expert talk, the participants cooked all together with the grocery provided by FooDi!

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The cooking Hub

The place to learn

Our mission is to build a community around healthy and sustainable food. We aim to organize a shared kitchen, where our members can cook together, learning from each other and from our experts. By making step by step dietary improvements, you can positively impact both the planet and your health!

What you can do at FooDi: 

  • Get access to a dining and cooking space to share your delicious recipes

  • Cook with friends, meet new people and become part of a community

  • Learn about different aspects of food and how to reduce the impact of your diet, without losing its yumminess and healthiness

  • Learn new recipes and how to use new ingredients

  • Get access to innovative and sustainable food start-ups products

  • Add your personal touch and exchange knowledge

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