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Our Mission

The FooDi project started from a clear need: improve the citizens' awareness on the dietary footprint. The current food system is putting an enormous pressure on natural resources, biodiversity and climate as well as increasing health and social problems, thus there is an urgent need for healthier and more sustainable diets. However, it is often frustrating to find an easy and straightforward way to implement these changes in everyday’s lives. The reasons are clear: social barriers and contradicting information. 

Our mission is to create an environment where dialogues about food are open-minded and anyone can contribute to an enriching discussion, which will eventually help to understand how to find the right personal way to turn the need of having a healthy diet for ourselves and the planet into action in everyday’s lives. To reach this vision of a new relationship with food, FooDi wants to provide a shared kitchen and dining space for every food lover out there. This hub will host various types of events with an on-site coach to support the participants in cooking delicious, sustainable and healthy dishes!

But wait, this is not all! At the FooDi’s hub you will get access to the most innovative sustainable and healthy food products on the market! With us you will be able to try and learn how to cook with the ingredients of the future, like novel plant-based proteins and upcycled side-stream products. This way FooDi is also promoting and supporting start-up projects to become successful staple ingredients of our future diets. FooDi wants to give visibility to new businesses and products that support the community to reach our vision.

Contact us to find out more about FooDi’s cooking hub or for future collaborations! 

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