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Online Cooking Nights

Interested in a diet that's good for you and the planet?  Join us online for free to ask all your questions, get to know all the plant-based life-hacks, and cook delicious everyday life recipes!


At FooDi's monthly online cooking night, you will get to meet other foodies and cook together in small groups online, but from the comfort of your own home.


  • 18:30: Welcome & Intro

  • 18:40: Learn with FooDi

  • 19:00: Cooking Challenge

  • 20:00: Dining Together

  • 21:00: Good Night!

The cooking events are on the second Tuesday of every month. Stay tuned for more info!

Our program

Previous Events

20.08.2022 - FooDi's Summer Potluck

08.02.2022 - Winter Veggies  

08.03.2022 - Swiss Kitchen Meets Tofu

12.04.2022 - Spring Veggies Festival

07.05.2022 - Spring Herb Walk

19.05.2022 - The colourful plate – A healthy and diverse dinner

14.06.2022 - Summer Veggies Festival

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